Name Yoo, Kee-youn
Position professor
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Fax 02-977-8317
Journal Papers
- Effects of Reactor Type on the Economy of the Ethanol Dehydration Process: Multitubular vs. Adiabatic Reactors, Korean Chemical Engineering Research(HWAHAK KONGHAK), vol.59 No.3 pp.467~479, 2021
- The Risk Assessment of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning by Gas Boiler Exhaust System and Development of Fundamental Preventive Technology, 한국가스학회지, vol.25 No.3 pp.27~38, 2021
- Fabrication of Industrial Ni-Zn Pocket-Type Secondary Battery, 에너지공학, vol.30 No.2 pp.54~64, 2021
- Robust Superomniphobic Micro-Hyperbola Structures Formed by Capillary Wrapping of a Photocurable Liquid around Micropillars, ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, vol.31 No.18, 2021
- Improved Performance of Image Semantic Segmentation using NASNet, Korean Chemical Engineering Research, vol.57 No.2 pp.274~282, 2019
- Modeling on Hydrogen Effects for Surface Segregation of Ge Atoms during Chemical Vapor Deposition of Si on Si/Ge Substrates, Korean Chem. Eng. Res., vol.55 No.2 pp.275~278, 2017
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- Morphology of sub-microscale atmospheric aerosols composed of two liquid phases according to the loading ratio of organics/water, Korean Chem. Eng. Res., vol.55 No.1 pp.130~134, 2017
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- Modeling and analysis of circulation variables of continuous sorbent loop cycling for CO2 capture, Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, vol.33 No.4 pp.1153~1158, 2016
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- Semi-empirical modeling of carbonator with the physico-chemical characteristics of sorbent activity parameterized by the partial least squares method, Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, vol.31 pp.1532~1538, 2014
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- 지구온난화와 대기 중 에어로솔, NICE, vol.28 No.6 pp.748~752, 2010
- Mathematical modeling and control of thermal plant in the district heating system of Korea, APPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING, vol.30 pp.2067~2072, 2010
- Numerical Computation of the Mass Transfer between Gaseous and Particulate Materials Considering the Hysteresis Phenomena of Atmospheric Aerosol, 한국대기환경학회지, vol.26 No.2 pp.202~218, 2010
Conference Papers
- Myung-June Park, Kee-Youn Yoo, Economic Assessment of Two Alternative Ethanol Dehydration Flowsheets for an Alcohol-to-Jet Process, 18th Japan-Korea Symposium on Catalyst, Zoom , 2021
- 김민영, 김래현, 김호현, 김가희, 류기윤, 지역난방 최적 열사용량 산정을 위한 Neural Network 딥러닝을 통한 열수요 예측, 한국에너지학회 추계학술발표 초록, 여수 엑스포 컨벤션 센터, 2020
- 류기윤, Application of Deep Learning in Chemical Engineering, 한국공업화학회 연구논문 초록집 2019권, 대한민국/부산, 2019
- Jun-Soo Park, Myung-June Park, Kee-Youn Yoo, Modeling of a continuous loop caronator by applying sorbent activity paramerterization, The international Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization, Sinapore, 2015
- Dong-Yoon Shin, Myung-June Park, Kee-Youn Yoo, Semi-empirical modeling and analysis of a fluidized-bed reactor for carbon dioxide capture, Proceeding ISCRE23 &APCRE7, 방콕, 2014
- Dong-Yoon Shin, Myung-June Park, Kee-Youn Yoo, Modeling of a Fluidized Bed Reactor for Carbon Dioxide Capture: Effects of Operating Conditions on the Characteristic Time and Maximum Conversion of Absorbent, 2013 Hong Kong International Conference on Engineering & Applied Science, Hong Kong, 2013
- 신동윤, 박명준, 류기윤, 이산화탄소 포집을 위한 건식 유동층 반응기 모델링: 운전조건 변화에 따른 흡수제 포화 시간 및 최대 전환율 영향 분석, 한국화학공학회, 2013년 가을 학술대회, 대구, 2013
- Ji Hye Choi,Bal Snag Lee,Myung-June Park,Eun-Duck Park,Myung Jin Kang,Ho-Jung Chae,Sang-bong Lee, Optimization of a Pilot-scale Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Process, Proceeding of 22nd North American Catalysis Society Meeting, Detroit, 2011
- Dynamic Interaction Between Gaseous Species and Atmospheric Aerosols with Hysteresis, Proceedings of Air Quality Modeling in Asia 2011 International Conference, Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea, 2011
- 최지혜,전혜진,곽승호,박명준, CO/CO2 수소화 반응을 이용한 메탄올 합성 공정의 플랜트 수준 최적화, 2010년 한국화학공학회 봄 총회 및 학술대회 - 초록, 대구 EXCO, 2010
- 저자: Dale E. Seborg,Duncan A. Mellichamp,Francis J. Doyle III,Thomas F. Edgar, 공정제어, 역서, 9791191679014, 텍스트북스, 2021
- 방사선 의공학서비스 산업의 이미지마이닝 기술을 활용한 치료효과 예측 의사(醫師) 지원 기술개발, 중소기업기술정보진흥원, 2017.06.~2019.05.
- Co2 포집 유동층 반응기 모델링, 산학협력단, 2013.03.~2014.02.
- 포항연료전지_12MW 전체 통합형 Lay-out 설계 및 타당성 검토 연구, 포스코에너지 주식회사, 2012.02.~2012.07.
- 광역에너지 네트워크 최적화 및 통합관리 시스템 개발, 한국에너지기술평가원, 2010.10.~2013.02.
- 에너지기술인력양성센터사업, 한국에너지자원기술기획평가원, 2010.08.~2025.12.