Name Kim, KyuHan
Position professor
Tel +82-2-970-6600
Fax 02-977-8317
2003.03 - 2007.08 KAIST (B.S.)
2007.09 - 2013.06 UC Santa Barbara (Ph.D.)
2013.07 - 2013.10 KAIST / Postdoctoral associate
2013.11 - 2016.08 KAIST / Research fellow
2018.09 - present SeoulTech / Assistant professor
Journal Papers
- The role of excess attractive particles in the elasticity of high internal phase Pickering emulsions, Soft Matter, vol.18 No.1 pp.53~61, 2021
- Interconnectivity and morphology control of poly-high internal phase emulsions under photo-polymerization, Polymer Chemistry, 2021
- Mesoporous Silica Derived from Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator (MSWI) Ash Slag: Synthesis, Characterization and Use as Supports for Au(III) Recovery, Materials, vol.14 No.22, 2021
- Preparation of a monolithic and macroporous superabsorbent polymer via a high internal phase Pickering emulsion template, JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE, vol.136 No.42, 2019
- Interfacial shear rheology of perfluorosulfonic acid ionomer monolayers at the air/water interface, Journal of Rheology, vol.63 pp.947~, 2019
- New Collapse Mechanism of Colloidal Particle Monolayers via Depletion Pressure: Formation of Large-Area Particle Multilayers at the Air–Water Interface, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol.123 No.45 pp.27862~27867, 2019
- Application of Depletion Attraction in Mineral Flotation: II. Effects of Depletant Concentration, MINERALS, vol.8 No.10, 2018
- Application of Depletion Attraction in Mineral Flotation: I. Theory, MINERALS, vol.8 No.10, 2018
Conference Papers
- KyuHam Kim, Active Stratification of Colloidal Particle Mixtures under the Lateral Compression, Colloid and molecular assembly, 부산 벡스코, 2021
- KyuHan Kim, Distinctive collapse behaviors of colloidal particle layers at the air-water interface via depletion attraction, TJK Joint Symposium, Online, 2020
- KyuHan Kim, Controllable formation of large-area colloidal particle multilayers at the air-water interface with the help of depletion attraction, Symposium on the Behavior of Fine Particles in Complex Fluid Systems, 온라인, 2020
- KyuHan Kim, Formation of controlled colloidal particle multilayers at the air-water interface via depletion attraction, Colloidal, Macromolecular and Polyelectrolyte Solutions, Four Points Sheraton / Holiday Inn Express, Ventura, CA, 2020
- 김규한, 디플리션 힘에 의한 물-공기 계면에서의 입자 다층구조의 형성에 관한 연구, Young Polymer Scientists (II), 제주 ICC, 2019
- 김규한, Linear and non-linear microrheology of phospholipid at the air-water interface, KIChE Young Investigators Symposium III, 제주국제컨벤션센터, 2019
- 김규한, Collapse behaviors of colloidal particle monolayers via depletion pressure: Formation of large area multilayers, Polymer oral presentation ⅱ, 대구 EXCO, 2018