Name Hanseok Jeong
Position professor
Tel +82-2-970-6630
Fax 02-971-5776
2007.02 Department of Rural Systems Engineering, Seoul National University, B.S.

2014.08 Department of Rural Systems Engineering, Seoul National University, Ph.D.
2014.09 – 2016.03 Senior Research Associate, Institutes of Green Bio Science and Technology, Seoul National University

2016.04 – 2019.07 Visiting Scholar and Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

2019.08 – Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Engineering, Seoul National University of Science and Technology
Research Areas
Water systems modeling
Watershed Management
Computer Aided Engineering
Environmental Hydraulics and Hydrology
Environmental Impact Assessment
Big Data and Environmental Modeling
Modeling the Environment
Selected Publications
17. Kamruzzaman, Mohammad, Syewoon Hwang, Soon-Kun Choi, Jaepil Cho, Inhong Song, Hanseok Jeong, Jung-Hun Song, Teail Jang, and Seung-Hwan Yoo, 2020. Prediction of the effects of management practices on discharge and mineral nitrogen yield from paddy fields under future climate using APEX-paddy model. Agricultural Water Management 231: 105983.
16. Kim, Hakkwan, Soojin Kim, Jihye Jeon, and Hanseok Jeong†, 2020. Effects of Irrigation with Desalinated Water on Lettuce Grown Under Greenhouse in South Korea. Applied Science 10(7), 2207: 1-13.
15. Jeong, Hanseok, Rabin Bhattarai, Jan Adamowski, and David J. Yu, 2020. Insights from socio-hydrological modeling to design sustainable wastewater reuse strategies for agriculture at the watershed scale. Agricultural Water Management 231: 105983.

14. Jeong, H., R. Bhattarai, and S. Hwang, 2019. How climate scenarios alter future predictions of field-scale water and nitrogen dynamics and crop yields. Journal of Environmental Management 252: 109623.
13. Jeong, H., C. Pittelkow, and R. Bhattarai, 2019. Simulated responses of tile-drained agricultural systems to recent changes in ambient atmospheric gradients. Agricultural Systems 168: 48-55.

12. Jeong, H., R. Bhattarai, S. Hwang, J.G. Son, and T. Jang, 2018. How Ångström–Prescott Coefficients Alter the Estimation of Agricultural Water Demand in South Korea. Water 10(12), 1851.
11. Jeong, H., and R. Bhattarai, 2018. Exploring the effects of nitrogen fertilization management alternatives on nitrate loss and crop yields in tile-drained fields in Illinois. Journal of Environmental Management 213: 341-352.
10. Sung, K., H. Jeong, N. Sangwan, and D.J. Yu, 2018. Effects of flood control strategies on flood resilience under sociohydrological disturbances. Water Resources Research 54: 2661-2680.

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3. Jeong, H., T. Jang, C. Seong, and S.W. Park, 2014. Assessing nitrogen fertilizer rates and split applications using the DSSAT model for rice irrigated with urban wastewater. Agricultural Water Management 141: 1-9.
2. Jung, K., T. Jang, H. Jeong, and S.W. Park, 2014. Assessment of growth and yield components of rice irrigated with reclaimed wastewater. Agricultural Water Management 138: 17-25.

1. Jang, T., M. Jung, E. Lee, S.W. Park, J. Lee, and H. Jeong, 2013. Assessing environmental impacts of reclaimed wastewater irrigation in paddy fields using bioindicator. Irrigation Science 31: 1225-1236.
Journal Papers
- Relative Contribution of Climate Change and Anthropogenic Activities to Streamflow Alterations in Illinois, Water, vol.13 No.22, 2021
- APEX-Paddy model simulation of hydrology, total nitrogen, and rice yield for different agricultural activities in paddy fields, Paddy and Water Environment, vol.19 pp.609~622, 2021
- Paddy rice adaptation strategies to climate change: Transplanting date shift and BMP applications, Agricultural Water Management, vol.252, 2021
Conference Papers
- 김경민, 정한석, The relationship between humans and river microplastics, 2021년 대한환경공학회 국내학술발표회 초록집, 제주도 신화월드, 2021
- 김정진, 정한석, A Comparative Study on Term-Weighting Schemes for Text Categorization of Environmental Big Data, 2021년 대한환경공학회 국내학술발표회 초록집, 제주도 신화월드, 2021
- 손형원, 정한석, 정우성, 김경민, Intercomparison between Machine Learning Algorithms for Water Quality Prediction, 2021년 대한환경공학회 국내학술발표회 초록집, 제주도 신화월드, 2021
- 정우성, 권영규, 이진수, 정한석, Changes in People′s Perception in the Water Environment Using Manual Coding, 2021년 대한환경공학회 국내학술발표회 초록집, 제주도 신화월드, 2021
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