Name Kim, Sungwon
Position professor
Tel +82-2-970-6748
Fax 02-971-6641
Diplôme de Muséologie, École du Louvre
D.E.A. d’ Histoire de l’art, Université de Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne)
Maîtrise d’ Histoire de l’art, Université de Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne)
Maîtrise de Lettres moderns, Université de Paris VII
Licence de Lettres moderns, Université de Paris VII
Sung Won Kim has been active as a curator, critic in Seoul. She is currently professor of Seoul National University of Technology in Dept. of Fine Art. Since 2011, Kim has curated interdisciplinary exhibitions program as artistic director of Culture Station Seoul 284. From 2000-2005, Kim has been working for Artsonje Center as curator, and 2006-2011, she was in charge of exhibition program and curating as artistic director for Atelier Hermes, Space for Contemporary art in Seoul. She was also co-director of for interdisciplinary arts in 2007, Seoul, and artistic director of 2nd edition of APAP: Anyang Pubic Art Project from 2006-2007. Kim has co-curated an international exhibition in 2005 at Frankfurter Kunstverein in Frankfurt. From 1999-2005, Kim has been associated professor of curatorial department in Dongduk Women’s University, and 2005-2007 in Chung Ang University.

Curating Projects

2000~ 2005: Artsonje Center
Invisible Touch: group show of 14 korean young artists(Cat.), Sylvie Fleury: solo show(Cat.),
Blink: exhibition of four artists; Haegue Yang(Cat.), Less Ordinary: group show of 12 french young artists(Cat.), Christian Jankowski: solo show, Five: collection show, Yayoi Kusama: project conceived by Le Consortium, Dijon, Mix Max: international group show co-curated with Bernard Marcade(Cat.), Antartica: two persons exhibition of Gimhongsok&Sorakim(cat.)

2005. 10: Parallel Life: international group show, co-curated project in Frankfurter Kunstverein,

2006. 1 ~ 2007. 5: Co-director(founder) of Spring Wave Festival-international interdisciplinary projects (performance, theartre, dance, music…)

2006. 3 ~ 2007. 12: Artistic director, 2nd edition of APAP(Anynag Public Art Project).
48 international and korean artists invited for public project in Anyang city (Cat.)

2006 ~2010 : Atelier Hermes - solo show with new production(Cat.)
Daniel Buren :, Chung Seo Young, Vidya Gastaldon, Martin Boyce : , Koo Dong Hee : , Gary Webb :
Park Chan Kyung ; , Mina & Jackson : , Jim Lambie :, Kimsooja : , Bertrand Lavier : , Sora Kim : < . >
**2003~2010 : Organize Hermes Missulsang(art prize) for Korean young Artists as an artistic director of Atelier Hermes(2006-2010) and curator of Artsonje(2003-2005).

2008. 9 : B Side, group show with 22 korean artists, doArt gallery(Cat.)
2010. 9 : Oblique Strategies, group show with 10 korean artists, Kukje gallery(Cat.)
2011. 3 : Koo Bon Chang, solo exhibition, Kukje gallery(Cat.)
2012. 6 : Hidden Track, group show with 15 korean artists, Seoul Museum of Art(Cat.)

2011 ~ 2012 : Culture Station Seoul 284
2011. 8 : Countdown, group show with more than 30 korean artists(Cat.)
2012. 4 : Ancient Futures, group show-Architecture, Graphic design, Spectacle
2012. 9 : Life A User’s Manual, group show-contemporary design & art (Cat.)
2012.11: PlayTime, group show-performance, sound, spectacle (Cat.)
Journal Papers
- Na Kim:Graphic Design Fiction, Publication Bottomless Bag Na Kim, 2020
- Between The Lines, Between The Lines, 서울과학기술대학교 조형예술학과, 2020
- Solidarity Spores, Solidarity Spores, Asia Culture Center, 2020