Name Dohoon Bok
Position professor
Tel +82-2-970-7191
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Journal Papers
- The Necropolitics of Korean Zombie Apocalypse Narrative: Focusing on the Representative Modes of the Capital, State and People, Literature and Film, 2022
- Odradek’s Rustling Laughter: Criticism of the End of the World, Korean Literary Creative Writing, vol.20 No.2 pp.75~97, 2021
- 감염과 변이—H. P. 러브크래프트의 소설과 『Project LC. RC』에 대하여, Journal of Popular Narrative, vol.27 No.2 pp.13~44, 2021
- 변증법적 유토피아 서사의 교훈 - 어슐러 K. 르귄의 『빼앗긴 자들』(1975)을 중심으로, The Korean Journal of Arts Studies, 2020
- 인류세의 (한국)문학 서설, Korean Literary Creative Writing, vol.19 No.3 pp.13~34, 2020
- 1990년대 묵시록 서사와 밀레니엄의 상상― 박상우의 『블랙리포트』와 백민석의 『러셔』를 중심으로, Literary Criticism, No.77 pp.151~176, 2020
Conference Papers
- 복도훈, Horror Life Appearance: Read Pyeon Hye-young’s Aoi Garden Again, Beyond Pandemics: Reimagining the Humanities and the New Normal, 서울 중구 프레지던트 호텔, 19층 브람스홀(오프라인 참석), 2021
- 복도훈, Anthropocene and Hyperobject Epic aesthetics: Focusing on Jo Ha-hyung's , Post-Corona era, the future of Korean language & literature research, 온라인(줌), 2021
- 복도훈, Infection and Mutation: On the H. P. Lovecraft's fiction and “Project LC. About RC”, Historical Imagination and Pop Culture of Infection, 온라인(줌), 2021
- 복도훈, (Korean) literature to the Anthropocene: Introduction and Method, Literary creative writing and education in the Covid-19 period, 삼경교육센터3층, 2020
- 복도훈, Post-Pendemic (Korean) Literature, Thinking of the 21st Century East Asian Culture after the Pandemics, 단국대학교 죽전캠퍼스 상경관 209호, 2020
- 복도훈, Anthropocene and literature, The past, present, and future of the industrial revolution, 화상회의, 2020
- 복도훈, Transhumanism, Gnisticism, Body, Body Technology and Human Science, 경희대학교, 2019
- 복도훈, Utopia, Literacy, Community, Community and Literacy, 연세대학교, 2019
- 복도훈, How new, How new, 창비 세교연구소, 2019
- 복도훈, Two futures, two undoings, Migration, forced migration, and re-migration, 공주대학교, 2019
- 1, 'How' to Read SF?, disagreement, the way criticism exists, 고려대학교, 2019
- 김태희, 김기흥, 박혜영, 박명준, 한광택, 백욱인, 노대원, 황임경, 복도훈, 김양선, 이윤종, Pandemic Mobility Technology, 저서, 979-11-90901-81-9, aelphi, 2022
- 김소미, 김형식, 복도훈, 서동은, 송경원, 송형국, 신형철, 심정명, 이지현, 임경규, 임수연, 조현나, 조형래, Disaster and Cinema, 저서, 979-11-6742-238-5, Youkrack, 2022
- 지은이: 권희철,강동호,김영임,백지은,복도훈,오연경,정주아,차미령,최진석, The 20th Annual Young Review Award-winning Workbook of 2019, 저서, 9791162445402, Youkrack, 2020
- SF, 공동체, 유토피아, 산학협력단, 2019.09.~2020.08.
- 한국 좀비 아포칼립스 서사의 '정치적 무의식' 연구: 자본, 국가, 인민의 재현 양상, 한국연구재단, 2019.05.~2020.04.
- 과학소설 창작연구, 산학협력단, 2019.03.~2020.02.
- 프로메테우스 인류세 서사, CROSSROADS, 2022
- After me, the flood, CROSSROADS, 2021
- Let's dance together toward where the sun goes at night, Leeungno Museum, 2021
- Monster Warning, New Radical Review, 2021
- Extinction or The world without us, The Literary Notebook, 2021
- Dithering and Great Derangement, Criticism of Anthropocene, K-Culture and Convergence Journal, 2021
- Lovecraft in Cyclonopedia, Todays of Literature, 2021
- Instead of a dark prophecy, imagine connection, Humaniites Journal Chang, 2021
- The World Without Us: A Speculative Fable, Crossroads Webzine, 2021
- Living in the Anthropocene, Todays of Literature, 2021
- a familiar and unfamiliar wall, The Quarterly Chanbi, 2020
- A Slave Zombie under the spell of Colony, Allegory of Global Capitalism, Pressian, 2020
- Horror Korea, 2020, Literature & Thought, 2020
- a tentacle longer than the terror of the night, Jaeum&Moeum, 2020
- Lovecraft subversiving Lovecraft, Crossroad, 2020
- We, the Protector of Ephemera, Hyundae Munhak, 2020
- The Planetary Poetics, Lyric Poetics, 2020
- SF, Imagination of Restoration and Inheritance, Writing-in the name of literature, 2020
- A weird and eerie SF aesthetics, Crossroad, 2020
- Two Futures, Two Undoing-Korea's SF, Posthuman and Gender, A writer's field, 2019
- Finding SF and New Reality, The Quarterly Changbi, 2019
- A Dream of Eternal Life, Literature & Medicine, 2019
- Eeriness iof 'Future without Future', Crossroad, 2019
- 'How' to Read SF, Contemporary Criticism, 2019
- Zombie Affect, A Planning Meeting, 2019
- The Emergence of the Posthuman in Korean Fiction, Guest of Honour of Goteborg Book Fair 2019(Korean Publisher Association), 2019
- Return the borrowed kettle: The Psychoanalysis of Jacques Lacan and the Literature Criticism of Korea, Literary Community, 2019
- A story of labor and love that glitters in the light of a carbide, munjang webzine, 2019
- A transit platform of time-travel, Moonji Publishing Co.,Ltd, 2019
- Transhuman Sceneries, Writing-in the name of literature, 2019