Name Kim, Chang Hyun
Position professor
Tel +82-2-970-6677
- Blackpool College of Technology and Arts, BA(Eng)
- Manchester Metropolitan University, MA(Eng)
- Institute of Advanced Studies, Manchester Metropolitan University(PhD in Design Strategy, Eng)
- 1. June, 1990 ~ Present, Seoul National University of Science & Technology, Department of Design, Professor
Research Areas
2013: "Natural Ironic Mineral Production System by the Bio-leaching"
2012: "CLO2 Medical Sterilizer"
2011: "Domestic Warm/Refrigerator"
2010: "Multi-purpose Digital Microscope"
2009: "Design of the Traffic Transfer Facilities in Sadang Subway Station"
2008: "Designing for the Ulgiro Subway Electric Power Station"
1997: "Domestic Wasted Food Squeezer"
1996: "Non-contact CNC 3D CMM"
1992: "Drapery Controller in Automation"
1991: "Palm Bank" - Portable Computer"
1990: "Finger Print Recognition System"
Selected Publications
2013: Study on Establishing Convenient Facilities for Effective Conservation of Protected Area
2013: A study on Appropriate Design Vocational Training Fields for Official Development Assistance
2012: A study on eco-friendly architectural elements in considering various environmental factors.
2012: A study on the design business type for development of design industry
2011: A study on the Development of Infrastructure for the development of marine tourism and leisure industry
Journal Papers
- A Study on the Police Shield Detailed Design, The Korean Association for Terrorism Studies, vol.9 No.1 pp.99~116, 2016
- Police Shield Design research through field-proven test design models, Korea Science & Art Forum, vol.23 pp.317~326, 2016
- Development and Application of Environmental Convergency Education Prototype for Resources Recycling, Korea Science & Art Forum, vol.VOL.22 No.22 pp.345~358, 2015
- A study on the user evaluation of the intelligent transport systems - Focusing on the intelligent transport systems in Seoul -, 한국과학예술포럼, vol.21 pp.345~358, 2015
- The correlation of the environmental conditions and factors for the sustainable development of the marine tourism, Korea Science & Art Forum, vol.VOL.20 No.20 pp.429~440, 2015
- A study on the performance of multifunctional compound doors using AHP, The Korean Association for Troorism Studies, vol.제8권 No.제2호 pp.37~54, 2015
- A Study on the Planning Characteristics of Passive House Concept in Domestic and Foreign Apartment Building, Korea Science & Art Forum, vol.19 pp.73~87, 2015
- The Case Study of Urban Regeneration Model Using Local Resources Against to the Climate Change - Focusing on Environmental Model City in Japan -, Korea Science & Art Forum, vol.18 pp.105~115, 2014
- AHP를 활용한 테러위험성 체크리스트에 관한 연구, The Korean Association for Troorism Studies, vol.7 No.4 pp.39~60, 2014
- Study on setup of the design elements to sustainable development - Focusing on case of the local leading growth -, Korea Science & Art Forum, vol.17 pp.423~433, 2014
- A Study on Activation of Design Vocational Training for Socio-Economic Development of Developing Countries, 한국과학예술포럼, vol.16 pp.81~93, 2014
- A Study on Appropriate Design Vocational Training Fields for Official Development Assistance - Based on the General Situation Analysis of Developing Countries in Asia -, 한국과학예술포럼, vol.15 pp.93~102, 2014
- A Study on Horse-riding Path Construction - as a measure to promote eco-friendly way to explore National Parks -, 한국과학예술포럼, vol.13 pp.199~208, 2013
- A Study on Establishing Convenient Facilities for Effective Conservation of Protected Area -Focusing on constructing cable facilities around National Park-, Research Bulletin of Package Culture Design, No.33 pp.1~13, 2013
- Design of Facilities for Enhancing Visual Adaptation to Tunnel, 디자인학연구, vol.25 No.2 pp.353~360, 2012
- The study on analysis of competitiveness of foreign design consultancies as part of effort to improve the competence of domestic design consultancies, 디자인지식저널, No.21 pp.245~252, 2012
- A Method of the Mineral Production by the Bioleaching in the Eco System Design, 한국과학예술포럼, vol.8 pp.57~67, 2011
- 가상현실 기반의 코어운동용 헬스케어 시스템 개발에 대한 복합적 연구, 산학협력단, 2018.07.~2019.06.
- 다분야 제품 디자이너 양성을 위한 한국 대학의 디자인교육전략에 대한 고찰, 산학협력단, 2018.04.~2018.05.
- AHP를 활용한 환승주차장의 정량적 CPTED 체크리스트에 관한연구, 산학협력단, 2014.03.~2014.12.
- Bio LP CLO2 멸균소독기에 관한연구<국내>, 산학협력단, 2014.03.~2015.02.
- 개도국의 사회·경제적 발전을 위한 디자인 직업훈련 활성화에 관한 연구, 산학협력단, 2014.03.~2014.12.
- 식탁 냉온장고, 산학협력단, 2013.03.~2014.02.
- 탁상용 음식 저장고, 산학협력단, 2013.03.~2014.02.
- 새싹땅콩 재배기, 산학협력단, 2013.03.~2014.02.
- 하계 및 간이기동복 개발 연구용역, 경찰청, 2012.11.~2012.12.
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- 새싹땅콩 재배기, 2013 SIA Exhibition, Seoultech Industrial Designers Association, 2013
- SHERPA, Prof. Kim Chang Hyun, Prof. Kim Chang Hyun, 2012
Traffic and Environmental System Design Institute

Traffic and Environmental System Design Institute handles complex traffic and environmental design encompassing railroad, road, air transport, and port.
Moreover, by setting future-oriented projects related to current issues, the Institute aims to lead policy with global caliber by presenting realizable solutions through complex research work.