Name Yu, Eun
Position professor
Tel +82-2-970-6649
• PhD in Service Design, Lancaster University, United Kingdom.
• Master of Fine Arts, Visual Communication Design, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea
• Bachelor of Fine Arts, Visual Communication Design Hongik University, Seoul, Korea

• NCsoft Corporation, Senior User Interface Designer
• Ahn Graphics, Creative Director, Graphic User Interface Designer
Research Areas
Service Design, Service Innovation, User Experience Design
Journal Papers
[국제 International]
• Karpen, I., O., Holmlid, S., & Yu, E. (2021). Service design in the context of complexity: Moving between plurality and tension towards a future research agenda. International Journal of Design, 15(3), 1-10. [SSCI/SCIE/A&HCI]
• Yu, E. (2021). Design for Service Implementation: Proposing a Service Implementation Framework and Exploring Design Practices. Design Journal. 24(6), 907-930. [A&HCI]
• Yu, E. (2020). Toward an integrative service design framework and future agendas. Design Issues, 36(2), 41-57. [A&HCI]
• Yu, E. (2019). Looking into service representation tools through the multidimensional nature of service experience. Design Journal. 22(4), 437-461. [A&HCI]
• Yu, E. & Sangiorgi, D. (2018). Service Design as an approach to implement the value co-creation perspective in New Service Development. Journal of Service Research, 21(1), 40-58. (*Impact Factor: 4.071) [SSCI]
• Yu, E. & Sangiorgi, D. (2018). Exploring transformative impacts of Service Design: The role of designer-client relationships in service development processes. Design Studies, 55, 79-111. (*Impact Factor: 2.78) [SCIE]
• Yu, E. (2018). Designing for value: Insights from the emotional appraisal approach to understanding user value. Design Journal, 21(2), 185-207. [A&HCI]
• Yu, E. (2018). Linking New Service Development and Service Design: An Interdisciplinary Service Research Framework and Future Directions. Archives of Design Research, 31(4), 43-55. [SCOPUS]
• Yu, E. (2018). Understanding experiential user value through a case study of the public childcare service in South Korea. Archives of Design Research, 31(2), 21-30. [SCOPUS]
• Yu, E. (2017). A reflection on and suggestion of Service Design processes: from activity-centered descriptions toward outcome-oriented demonstrations. Archives of Design Research, 30(1), 5-18. [SCOPUS]

[국내 Domestic]
• 유은 (2020). “행복을 위한 디자인” 이론을 통해 분석한 서비스 경험 디자인: 서울 메트로 서비스를 중심으로. 기초조형학연구, 21(1), In press. [KCI]
• 진유슬 & 유은 (2019). 폴더블폰의 디자인 속성을 중심으로 한 사용자경험 평가와 디자인 방향성. Journal of Integrated Design Research 18(4), 63-80. [KCI]
• 유은. (2012). 멀티 디바이스 서비스의 일관된 사용자 경험을 위한 디자인 속성 연구. Archives of Design Research, 25(1), 135-144. [KCI]
• Yu, E. (2018-2019) Design-Centric Service Implementation Strategies. Humanities & Social Sciences Excellent Research Support Program. Funded by National Research Foundation of Korea.
• Sangiorgi, D., Prendiville, A., Jung, J. & Yu, E. (2015). Design for Service Innovation & Development. Funded by UK Arts & Humanities Research Council.
- 2021학년도 교육분야 우수교육상, 2021학년도 교육분야 우수교원, 서울과학기술대학교, 2022
• Co-Editor for Special Issue of International Journal of Design
• Referee for Journal of Service Research (SAGE publications)
• Referee for Design Studies (Elsevier)
• Referee for Archives of Design Research
• Referee for Journal of Integrated Design Research
• Referee for International Service & Innovation (ServDes) Conference