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Bio IT Program
The Bio-IT-Materials program is structured for students with diverse academic and research experience in the fields of BT, IT, and MT. Our mission is to effectively integrate learning and discovery of disciplines of basic and applied sciences for human health and life.
Education and Research Area
Convergence is more than simply bringing together experts in two or more disciplines. Students in the Bio-IT-Material Program acquire deep foundations of the biological processes for BT application, the invention, control and management of valuable bioactive materials for IT and MT applications, and become distinguished professionals in the development of new technologies and the creation of industries.
Applications and Related Industrial Area
According to Korean economic growth, demands for medical diagnostics/signal processing/information security are increasing because of higher standards of living. Our interdisciplinary program is designed to promote synergetic interactions, to present next generation fusion technology and to meet the rapidly growing need for professionals that integrate technological expertise in food science, fine chemistry, chemical engineering and computer science.
Feature of Program & Development Prospect
In the 21st century, the integration of major research disciplines, NT, IT, BT, and ET, leads to new paradigms. New fundamental technology for the development of biotechnology-related material innovates through practical training and convergence research, and serves as a new growth engine for the future of Korea. Our goal is to understand people’s needs and to create a better technology more effectively. Furthermore, we plan to bridge the gap between academia and industry by taking the reality-based approaches that will maximize the students’ potential and ability to do research. We believe that such efforts will help train students to be creative and skilled enough to be able to lead technology advancement.
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