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Introduction Faculty Curriculum
Department of Architecture
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Architectural Engineering Program
Architectural engineering is the practical study of creating human living spaces. This department teaches specialized engineering knowledge of architecture to help students acquire basic knowledge in architectural design. Thus, the focus of engineering education is to foster theoretical and practical skills required as an architectural engineer. In-depth studies are carried out to foster talented individuals that are internationally competitive and competent.
Education and Research Area
In-depth education and research are carried out for different fields of architectural engineering. Education and research are carried out according to the different fields – architectural structure, architectural execution and management, architectural environment and equipment, architectural design, digital construction and ubiquitous area. Professors specialized in each field help students to develop into experts in different sectors.
Applications and Related Industrial Area
  • Construction firm
  • Architectural structure design office
  • Architectural equipment design office
  • Architectural design office
  • Architecture-related research center
  • Architecture-related public enterprise/public servant
  • Safety diagnosis/inspection company
  • Building energy diagnosis/analysis
  • Architectural environment/equipment company
  • Advance to graduate school
Feature of Department and Development Prospect
This department is fully equipped with laboratories and experimental equipment required for the specification of technology studies in various fields such as architectural structure, architectural execution and management, architectural environment and equipment, architectural design, digital architecture and ubiquitous sector. Composed of competent scholars in various fields, the teaching staff of this department makes their best effort to provide the necessary research guidance to graduate students. There is a good outlook for this sector as research on the study and technology of this field becomes more profound in its depth and necessity along with scientific development.
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Architecture Program
The Architecture program(Master’s Program), Graduate school, SeoulTech recruits students that have completed 4 or 5-year architecture undergraduate programs to develop outstanding architects suitable for the globalization era. To foster architects according to UIA international standards, the department has established an architectural design program that applies the studio method and provides courses in extensive areas ranging from architectural plan and theory, history, review, housing and urban areas. Various programs are also operated for 4-year college graduates that are non-architecture majors. International exchange is regularly activated through joint seminars and workshops with foreign colleges, and organic cooperation is established with the Graduate School of Industry and Graduate School of Housing  established at Seoul National University of Science and Technology.
Education and Research Area
  • Planning and design of general architectural facilities (office · sales · education · culture · health care · industry · transportation facilities)
  • Housing complex designs, urban planning and designs
  • History, theory, review of architecture
  • Architectural technologies in relation to architectural execution·materials, architectural structure design
  • Architectural information and CAD
  • Interior design
Applications and Related Industrial Area
  • Architectural design office (architectural design/construction supervision), interior design office (interior design)
  • Architecture company (architectural design/execution), architectural materials company
  • Governmental·public companies (employees, etc.), educational institutes and research centers
  • Structural design office
  • Architectural CAD and animation companies, architectural information-related companies
Feature of Department and Development Prospect
This department complements the limitations of a 4-year architectural education to provide a higher education program to intensively foster internationally competitive technicians in architectural planning and design. Furthermore, this department has a specialized housing sector as it operates programs for housing planning/design and housing development/management in Korea’s first and only housing graduate school established in cooperation with the Korea Land & Housing Corporation. Like the undergraduate program which has allowed students to hold their graduate exhibitions at China’s Southeast University in line with the globalization trend, the graduate program also helps students to actively exchange ideas with leading schools in Australia, China, Japan and the Philippines. Students are encouraged to acquire an international sense by visiting overseas architectural sites. In addition, students actively go on field trips and conduct joint research with companies to develop into talented individuals with theoretical knowledge, practical skills and an international sense.
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