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Introduction Faculty Curriculum
Department of Business Administration
The Department of Business Administration aims to cultivate business experts and specialized researchers in related areas to creatively lead business organizations in an era of liberalization and globalization. The Department promotes education which focuses on acquiring professional expert knowledge and practical research method.
Education and Research Area
The Department is separated into 5 specific areas: finance, accounting, marketing, human resources/organization, and business management information/service management. Students acquire a balanced professional expertise in business administration during their studies, and learn research investigation methodology required for writing a degree thesis. Students write a degree thesis in business administration based on specialized business expertise and research methodology acquired during graduate school.
Applications and Related Industrial Area
Graduates work as business administration experts in financial institutions such as banks, securities, insurance, government institutions, and public companies as well as general companies. In addition, they work as scholars majoring in business administration or as researchers in related research institutes.
Feature of Department and Development Prospect
The greatest strength of the Department of Business Administration at the Graduate School is that it provides a substantial education program of empirical tradition, suitable for the future global business environment. In addition, the superior teaching staff leading the graduate school are exerting vigorous efforts in research activities and education to cultivate a creative global business workforce.
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