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Department of Civil Engineering
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The graduate course of study of the Department of Civil Engineering in Seoul National University of Science and Technology has educational objectives for the nature-oriented, eco-friendly infrastructure balanced with human needs. Therefore this graduate program is to pursue preserving nature and the environment in harmony. In this graduate course of study, students will learn how to plan, design, construct, and maintain various infrastructures. Currently the department is consistently developing the expert training system for each major research area with highly motivated research-oriented professors. This training system will produce many civil engineers who are well trained and globally suited.
Major Fields of Education & Research
  • Structure & Bridge Engineering(Concrete Engineering, Structural Dynamics, Steel Structure, Structural Safety, Composite Structure, Seismic Design & Seismic Isolation Design)
  • Geotechnical Engineering(Ground Amelioration, Soil Structure & Underground Space Technology)
  • Road & Pavement Engineering(Structural Analysis of Asphalt Paving Mixture & Ground Paving System)
  • Marine & Harbor Engineering(Wave-Offshore Structure Interaction)
  • Water Resource Engineering(Water Distribution Network Analysis and Integrated Water Resources Management)
  • Topographic Intelligence Engineering(Satellite Technique Measurement)
  • Environment Engineering(Environment, Water and Sewage)
  • Construction and Management Engineering(Constructive Information and Automation, Construction Industry and Logic Network)
Applied and Related Industry Fields
  • Development of creative research ability by theoretical and experiment-oriented education
  • Development of pragmatic ability to apply knowledge earned in school into field applications through research-oriented education
  • Development of mutual cooperation and communication ability by vitalization of research systems with other research institutes
  • Development of the utilization ability of the newest information and research ability with curriculums which cover recent international trends
  • Training civil engineering experts who can lead the international community with social responsibility
Department Features and Development Prospects
Since the advanced civil engineering courses can be the basis for developing the specialized and characterized new technologies which modern society is demanding, the department provides a lot of industry related courses. Therefore, the goal of the department is educating students to be a creative next-generation engineers, high quality researchers, and technology policy experts, who are able to lead the 21st century information-oriented era.
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