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Introduction Faculty Curriculum
Department of Creative Writing
The Department of Creative Writing seeks to nurture talented creative writers who can study Korean literature and contribute to a new world of literature. The department is also interested in studying the fields of applied language studies and applied literature.
Although our faculty’s research areas consist mainly of poetry, fiction, plays, critiques, and classical literature, it also encompasses applied literature in relation to visual media, including TV and film.
Education and Research Area
The department seeks to foster talented individuals not only in such forms of literature as poetry, fiction, and plays, but also in the applications of such literature. Given the nature of our times, which requires a large base of knowledge in a specialty area, we also wish to contribute to the advanced training of relevant personnel in the field.
To undertake this, we enable students to perform creative activities based on a systematic knowledge and understanding of Korean language and literature, and focus on developing practical creative ability in different forms of literature.
Applications and Related Industrial Area
  • poems, novels, theatrical, broadcasting, comic writings
  • newspaper and magazine journalism, company magazines
  • copywriting, play and movie commentaries
  • printing and publishing, other fields related to languages
Feature of Department and Development Prospect
We provide a practice-oriented curriculum to help students gain an in-depth understanding and systematic knowledge of literature. In our courses in subjects relating to the creative fields, practical and theoretical educations are provided concurrently, enhancing learning efficacy.
The department makes every endeavor to foster creative writers who are competent both in practice and theory as well as talented individuals in the field of applied literature.
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