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Introduction: Department of Data Science
Due to the emergence of the mobile internet and the wide usage of social media in a ubiquitous network world, we are now living in an era of big data where explosively generated data becomes the fundamental source of value creation and the most important factor of sustainable competitive advantage in the fierce competitive business environment. Big data refers to a massive amount of data that are generated from various sources and requires an almost real-time process. Since traditional technologies have difficulty dealing with big data, more and more attention has been paid to newly emerging big data technologies that support creating, collecting, storing, managing, and analyzing big data and to apply the extracted knowledge and insights to various domains. It has been consistently recognized that values created by the use of big data are remarkably increasing, but there is a large discrepancy between the demand and the supply of big data experts; the world desperately needs more data scientists. In order to fulfill the demand for data scientists, we offer a master’s degree program to provide students with analytical skills and data-driven strategic thinking on the basis of big data. By completing this program, students are expected to become (1) an analytical expert equipped with systematic problem solving skills, (2) a business specialist with the ability of data-driven decision making, and (3) a practical professional with experience implementing state-of-the-art big data technologies in diverse business models through internship opportunities at leading companies.
Vision & Strategy
Vision: From Big Data to Big Value!, School Ideology: Produce High-level Data Scientists with Analytical and Management Skills, Strategy: Analytical Expert, Business Specialist, Practical Professionals
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