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Introduction Faculty Curriculum
Department of TESOL
TESOL Department in Graduate School of SEOULTECH offers a rigorous and broad master’s degree program. TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. As a discipline, TESOL is young and dynamic. It is significantly informed by older, more established disciplines, including linguistics, applied linguistics, English education, psychology, and sociology, and draws upon all for the many and varied insights it provides into language teaching and learning. This program aims to develop students’ comprehensive English skills for the teacher development as a researcher as well as a classroom practitioner along with their knowledge of English language, literature, and culture, in order to prepare them for a career in an English-related field in Korea or abroad. The faculty members of the department have a breadth of areas of expertise, such as English education, English-Korean/Korean-English interpretation and translation, English linguistics, and English and American literature. This wide spectrum allows students to customize a curriculum to their specific interests in TESOL.
Program Requirements
Students must complete eight major courses including two core courses (Research for thesis Ⅰ and Research for thesis Ⅱ), pass the comprehensive exams, and write a master’s thesis in order to be eligible to graduate.
TESOL Certificate
To obtain a TESOL certificate from SEOULTECH, students should take TWO TESOL-related mandatory courses (one between English Teaching Methods and A Study on Language Acquisition, and one among the three majors, Practice and Teaching English Conversation, Classroom English and Academic English Composition) in the graduate curriculum.
Applications and Related Industrial Area
  • English teachers
  • Specialists in English education
  • Specialists in international exchange, overseas trade, immigration, and other related areas
  • Specialists in international conference, convention, hotel, and other conference and travel related areas
  • Writer or publisher in English writing and publishing related areas
  • Interpreter/Translator
  • Researcher or professor in English linguistics, English and American literature, English education, interpretation and translation studies.
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