The Department of English Language and Literature offers a rigorous and broad master’s degree program. This program aims to develop students’ comprehensive English skills along with their knowledge of English language, literature, and culture, in order to prepare them for a career in an English-related field in Korea or abroad. The faculty members of the department have a breadth of areas of expertise, such as English-Korean/Korean-English interpretation and translation, English education, English linguistics, English and American novels, English and American drama, and literature criticism. This wide spectrum allows students to customize a curriculum to their specific interests. The department also seeks to develop students’ creative thinking skills by offering courses in which they can acquire professional expertise in linguistics and an enhanced appreciation of English literature and culture. Additionally, the department aims to provide students with opportunities to improve their English proficiency and reach their potential as English teachers through challenging coursework training in the fields of English-Korean/Korean-English interpretation and translation, and English education.
Education and Research Area
The Department of English Language and Literature offers a wide array of courses, such as English Linguistics, English Literature, and English-Korean Translation and Interpretation. The department seeks to foster students’ research potential and scholarly passion through advanced courses in relevant disciplines as well as courses in fundamental English skills.
Applications and Related Industrial Area
  • English teachers
  • Specialists in English education
  • Specialists in international exchange, overseas trade, immigration, and other related areas
  • Specialists in international conference, convention, hotel, and other conference and travel related areas
  • Writer or publisher in English writing and publishing related areas
  • Interpreter/Translator
  • Researcher or professor in English linguistics, English and American literature, English education, interpretation and translation studies.