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Introduction Faculty Curriculum
Department of Industrial Design
The Department of Industrial Design is a department pursuing purpose-oriented, systematic, and creative formation of a new living culture, based on high level creativity, intelligence, and sensitivity.
Here, industrial design signifies the design area which formatively organizes and plans the requirements for the functions, materials, structures, manufacturing technologies, economic feasibility, and aesthetic elements of manufactured products.
Especially in the Department of Industrial Design, students cultivate an integrated perspective in professional knowledge and technology in the areas of science technology, art, and humanities and social sciences related to industrial design to promote methodical actualization of good design to improve the quality of human life. We aim to cultivate capable industrial design professionals equipped with scientific and creative problem solving skills, sensitive formative ability, and executive faculty in design innovation.
Education and Research Area
  • Develop competence in scientific and creative problem solving skills and formative commercialization ability for design and itemization
  • Develop ability for technical communication which can be adapted to company research and to develop organization
  • Connect theory and reality to actively respond to a high level information industrial society
  • Cultivate systematic design values that aim for the harmony between humans, tools, nature, and the environment for human welfare as well as social development
Applications and Related Industrial Area
  • Electrical·electronic product design area
  • Furniture and environmental design area
  • Automobile and transportation design area
  • Design research·development area
  • Medical equipment design area
  • Industrial equipment design area
Feature of Department and Development Prospect
To cultivate industrial designers required in a knowledge-based society, we are operating an education program to develop more professional and creative capacity
  • Develop creative and integrative problem solving skills
  • - Cultivate communication skills, cooperation skills, information function, and comprehensive thinking skills
  • Pioneer student careers and contribute to national society by operating a field-oriented industrial education cooperative education program
  • - Operate industrial education research cooperative education program through industrial education cooperative committee for each department and affiliated research center
  • - Improved operation of a field-oriented education program
  • - Establish a follow-up system in education through follow-up education 
  • Pursue educational differentiation in design education through intensive major specialized courses
  • - Operate intensive courses for detailed majors
  • Cultivate superior industrial designers through international exchange
  • - Introduce a credit recognition system (credit exchange with other domestic universities), student and professor exchange, promote international joint exhibitions
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