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Introduction Faculty Curriculum
Department of Optometry
The Masters course was established in 2014 for the continuous and intensive study in optometry.
The goal of the department is to improve the health and welfare of the public by training professional experts in the fields of ophthalmic lenses, optical glasses and devices, glasses' materials, contact lenses, tests on visual functions and in orthoptics.
For this reason, the education of fundamental knowledge of optometry and the practical education closely related to the actual fields are emphasized. Advanced foreign language training and creative education are also emphasized to produce leading experts who can cope with the globalization and the various needs of the academic fields and the industries.
Education and Research Area
The education area of the masters course of study consists of the fundamental courses in optics, biochemistry, eyeglass materials, contact lenses and statistical methodology to prepare the graduate students as professionals in the field. Based on these basic studies, broad fields related to optometry and visual functions are studied and researched for the preparation of the thesis.
Applications and Related Industrial Area
Students who finished the master course of study can work in the various fields such as the lens and related optical industry, contact lens, glasses and related industry, visual function and ophthalmic clinic. These fields currently have a continuous need for well-trained professional experts. As society ages and the interest in health increases, the needs for experts in the fields of optometry are expected to increase.
Feature of Program and Development Prospect
This prestigious course of study produces top-notch specialists through its in-depth education and high-quality research. The course will also play the leading role in research in optometry and the related fields in Korea.
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