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Department of Mechanical Information Engineering
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Based on the mechanical engineering, the department deals with several different disciplines of engineering from product design to manufacturing. Since Modern businesses call for design and production of better goods at less price, engineering technology that thoroughly handle the entire process is essential. In this graduate program, all the important topics of advanced manufacturing technology are lectured and studied.
Education and Research Area
Design and manufacturing engineers apply scientific knowledge to the production of goods. There are a variety of goods including toy, electronics, automobile, industrial tools and so on. In any products, we have to manufacture interior, exterior and functional parts made of plastics, metals and ceramics. The graduate education program is focused on design and manufacturing of such parts in an efficient and reliable way. The research fields include product design, ergonomics, manufacturing system, die and mold, material engineering, metal forming and polymer processing.
Applications and Related Industrial Area
All the contemporary consumer products and industrial systems should be built based on parts made of desired material with designed shape. Thus, this program is related to any goods from any industry. Even for a food industry, the products have to be contained in a metal can or in a plastic package. The most important applications are automobile, aerospace, construction and electronics.
Feature of Department and Development Prospect
The graduate program of our department has a long history and renowned for specialty in metal forming and polymer processing. Recently, we have extended the area to product design, ergonomics and manufacturing systems. The students have acquired how to integrate technology, human resources and creative idea. Many graduates from the department are working for major companies as elite engineers in design and manufacturing. We have been inspiring students with enthusiasm in manufacturing quality products and parts.

The program have been changed and developed along with the technological and industrial trends. The Korean government has invested huge amount of resources for competitive advantage. Globally as well as in Korea, quality parts in affordable price are essential to success of any manufacturing business. As long as products are developed and sold, the manufacturing and design technology will be one of the core elements in engineering and industry.
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