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Department of Safety Engineering
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The Department of Safety Engineering offers a cutting-edge curriculum in safety engineering that produces high-quality personnel to meet the demands of industry and contribute to the improvement of scientific technology at home and abroad. These department was integrated into a single Department of Engineering in 2012. The department conducts education and research in these areas to support the application of advanced technology for human well-being throughout society in the future.
The following goals are addressed by balanced coursework in basic and specialized topics.
  • ① Reliability research and dangerousness prediction for industrial machinery and equipment
  • ② Consultation and proposing an alternative for government energy policy
  • ③ Education for safety and effective management of energy using machinery
  • ④ Development for safety devices and protective equipment
  • ⑤ Risk measurement and evaluation for gas and electrical installation
  • ⑥ Study of fire explosion impact assessment and disaster prevention systems
  • ⑦ Study of electric shock prevention
  • ⑧ Study of design and audit review for installation
After graduating from the department, students enter jobs with a wide range of employers, such as private enterprises concerned with safety, and public offices or research institutes.
  • Civil servants at the Ministry of Employment and Labor or state-funded agencies such as KEPCO
  • Safety-related public organizations, such as the Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency, Korea Gas Safety Corporation, and Korea Industrial Safety Association
  • Manufacturing and construction industries, including Samsung Electronics and Hyundai Engineering & Construction
  • Insurance firms, such as Lloyd’s and the Korea Fire Protection Association
  • Self-employed workers manufacturing protective gear or building makeshift installations
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