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Introduction Faculty Curriculumn
Department of New and Renewable Energy Convergence
In response to the 4th Industrial Revolution, we aim to educate convergent doctoral personnel who can play a leading role in the next generation through technological advancement and innovation in the new and renewable energy field. Our vision is as follows.
Vision 1: To nurture SEOULTECH convergence leaders to solve global and regional energy industry and social problems (Establishment of “Global-Local-Convergence” energy education research system)
Vision 2: To educate innovative talents that will lead the global energy megatrend and successfully lead the domestic energy society
Education and Research Area
  • - We foster research-oriented professional talents who can lead the field of new and renewable energy technologies and policies by training innovative and convergent research capabilities in the energy convergence field through cooperation between 6 departments in Seoul National University of Science and Technology.
  • - The curriculum of the department consists of 1) major convergence seminars to promote convergence between energy-related fields and 2) in-depth major courses to deal with in-depth content of individual fields.
  • - Energy generation and storage systems including solar cells, batteries, and fuel cells
  • - Catalysis for enhancement of energy efficiency
  • - Power conversion and control systems
  • - Energy policy and economics
Applications and related industrial areas
Energy-related industries and research/educational institutions (Including various fields such as engineering, natural science, economics, policy, etc.)
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