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About Graduate School
 영문-일반대학원 Introduction About Graduate School
Installation Department: 16 departments in enginerring, 2 integrated cooperation courses, 6 departments in art and physical education, 2 departments in natural sciences, 3 departments in humanities and social sciences
Purpose of Establishment
  • Strengthen research competence of the school and improve competitiveness by completing a research and education model for more genuine industrial education cooperation after converting to a general university
  • Establish an academic network with existing specialized and professional graduate schools to contribute to cultivating a professional workforce equipped with academic and practical skills
  • Utilize the research competence of faculty in social contribution by expanding opportunities to participate in various national research projects
Objective of Establishment
  • Our university had been operating specialized graduate schools before converting to a general university, but when the general graduate school is newly established in the future, there can be confusion and overlap of the role and function of each graduate school, so there is need to establish an identity through reestablishment of the role and function of each graduate school
  • Graduate school focuses on improving the quality of education research to cultivate a high-quality academic research workforce
  • Ensure quality education of the graduate school by developing and operating a curriculum which satisfies global requirements and has international mobility
Operation of Curriculum
Operation of Curriculum Table
Course Duration Semester Class type Credit Awarded degree
Master 4 semesters 2 semesters per year Day 24 Academic degree
Doctor 4 semesters 2 semesters per year Day 36 Academic degree
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