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Introduction Faculty Curriculum
Department of Ceramic Art
This program aims to produce ceramic artists who fully appreciate and understand traditional pottery culture, which has helped Korea display its excellence and extensive cultural heritage. Another program goal is to cultivate students who contribute eagerly to the popularization and development of modern ceramic culture based on the understanding of its cultural value. It also aims to help students stand out as creative and vigorous artists who can improve the quality of life in this modern industrial society through pottery culture by training students to have advanced knowledge and artistic skills.
Education and Research Areas
  • Develop pottery theories and practice for modern pottery culture based on the understanding and appreciation of traditional pottery culture.
  • Develop students’ qualities and abilities to help them become expert ceramic artists by teaching them theories and educating them through creative experiments and practice.
  • Produce highly-qualified ceramic artists who can meet the expectations of aesthetics and creativity in pottery for modern society.
Applications and Related Industrial Areas
  • Room design and production management companies
  • Art shop operations
  • Private studio operation
  • Art education and application
  • Pure creative activities
  • Architectural interior and exterior areas
  • Art galleries and museums
Features of the Department & Development Prospects
Seoul National University of Science and Technology Department of Ceramic Art, life, and culture for the development of future-oriented cultural environment through education can contribute to the development of professional manpower. Future society will emphasize the importance of arts and culture, and interest in cultural industries is growing.
The Ceramics Department focuses on producing expert ceramic artists who can contribute to the development of art, quality of life, and culture in Korea through future-oriented education in the program.
It is becoming more meaningful to foster art and culture for quality of life in modern society, and the cultural industry has been attracting more and more attention and interest worldwide. Thus, the Ceramics Department helps students become outstanding artists who can contribute to the development of art and culture not only for Korea but other parts of the world by teaching students with a balance of advanced theories education and creative skills practice in the excellent educational environment of SeoulTech.
The department has been cultivating ceramic artists contributing to art and culture as well as applied designs for daily life in Korea. Furthermore, the department has been establishing a relationship with universities worldwide such as R. I. T. College in the US, Faenza National Pottery School in Italy, Aichi Prefectural University in Japan, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, National Tsing Hua University in China, and other overseas sister universities, to enable students to meet the global needs of ceramic art and to let the world enjoy the pottery culture of Korea.
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