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Introduction Faculty Curriculum
Department of Visual Design
The Department of Visual Design focuses on responding to changes in communication environment in accordance to a globalized, open, information society, and cultivating a professional workforce to lead such a society.
Our purpose is to recreate various information and messages in the new communication society into more creative and realistic visual information through systematic education for theory and practice.
Education and Research Area
The purpose is to develop skills to respond to problems and solutions in visual design in an information industrial society, and cultivate outstanding visual designers equipped with abundant sensitivity and rational thinking skills required in a high level information industrial society.
Furthermore, the educational goal is to strengthen the national competitiveness by improving the quality of the future society by acquiring professional expertise and related knowledge.
Applications and Related Industrial Area
Design area requiring visual conveyance through media such as promotion, advertisement, editorial, illustration and environmental design, display, and web design
Feature of Department and Development Prospect
The Department of Visual Design has the purpose of re-establishing the design concept of modern society by harmonizing and integrating the modeling activity combining modern science technology and the traditional modeling culture of Korea. We also aim to cultivate a technical workforce in accordance with the high level industrial society and the progress of the Korean modeling culture through design.
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